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The 0MQ lightweight messaging kernel is a library which extends the standard socket interfaces with features traditionally provided by specialised messaging middleware products. 0MQ sockets provide an abstraction of asynchronous message queues, multiple messaging patterns, message filtering (subscriptions), seamless access to multiple transport protocols and more.

The main ZeroMQ website can be found at www.zeromq.org.

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ZeroMQ 4.x | ZeroMQ 3.x | ZeroMQ 2.x | Early ZeroMQ | C ZMQ API | ZAPI

ZeroMQ 4.x

ZeroMQ 4.1.4tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 4.1.3tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 4.1.2tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 4.1.1tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 4.1.0tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 4.0.7tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 4.0.6tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 4.0.5tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 4.0.4tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 4.0.3tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 4.0.2tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 4.0.1tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 4.0.0tarball, zip

ZeroMQ 3.x

ZeroMQ 3.2.5tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 3.2.4tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 3.2.3tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 3.2.2tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 3.2.1tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 3.2.0tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 3.1.0tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 3.0.2tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 3.0.1tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 3.0.0tarball, zip

ZeroMQ 2.x

ZeroMQ 2.2.0tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.1.9tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.1.8tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.1.7tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.1.4tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.1.3tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.1.2tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.1.11tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.1.10tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.1.1tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.1.0tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.0.9tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.0.8tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.0.7tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.0.6tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.0.11tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.0.10tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 2.0tarball

Early ZeroMQ

ZeroMQ 1.0.1tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 1.0.0tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 0.6.1tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 0.6tarball, zip
ZeroMQ 0.5tarball
ZeroMQ 0.4tarball
ZeroMQ 0.3.2tarball
ZeroMQ 0.3.1tarball
ZeroMQ 0.3tarball
ZeroMQ 0.2tarball
ZeroMQ 0.1.1tarball
ZeroMQ 0.1tarball


CZMQ 3.0.2tarball, zip
CZMQ 3.0.1tarball, zip
CZMQ 3.0.0tarball, zip
CZMQ 2.2.0tarball, zip
CZMQ 2.1.0tarball, zip
CZMQ 2.0.3tarball, zip
CZMQ 2.0.2tarball, zip
CZMQ 2.0.1tarball, zip
CZMQ 2.0.0tarball, zip
CZMQ 1.4.1tarball, zip
CZMQ 1.4.0tarball, zip
CZMQ 1.3.2tarball, zip
CZMQ 1.3.1tarball, zip
CZMQ 1.2.0tarball, zip
CZMQ 1.1.0tarball, zip
CZMQ 1.0.0tarball, zip


ZAPI 1.3.2tarball, zip
ZAPI 1.3.1tarball, zip
ZAPI 1.3.0tarball, zip
ZAPI 1.2.1tarball, zip
ZAPI 1.0.0tarball, zip